Boarding procedure with check-in online

Boarding procedure for the passengers with check-in online

By realizing the check-in online for a train the passenger confirms their railway trip according to the carrier's agreement and supported with the e-ticket. When performing the check-in online you will get a boarding pass.

To complete the boarding procedure the passenger that acquired the e-ticket and realized the check-in online should print the boarding pass on A4 sheet of paper.

On the railway stations the boarding opens 50 minutes before the departure of the train. You should have the boarding pass and your identity document the number of which you used to buy the ticket online.
For security control on the railway station, the security staff will check the passenger's information introduced in the boarding pass and their identity document and compare it with the information from the list of passengers checked-in online. If the information is totally correct, both parts of the boarding pass are sealed to confirm the passenger's registration at the railway station. 

For boarding the passenger should show the car attendant the boarding pass sealed to confirm the registration at the railway station as well as their identity document used to buy the ticket online.

The car attendant checks the passenger's information in the boarding pass and their identity document and compares it with the information he/she has. If the information is correct the car attendant removes one part of the boarding pass and keeps it. The passenger gets its other part and is accompanied to their seat.

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