Uzbekistan Geography

Information about Uzbekistan Geography


Uzbekistan stretches 1,425 kilometers from west to east and 930 kilometers from north to south. Bordering Turkmenistan to the southwest, Kazakhstan to the north, and Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to the south and east, Uzbekistan is not only one of the larger Central Asian states but also the only Central Asian state to border all of the other four.


total: 447,400 km²
land: 425,400 km²
water: 22,000 km²

Land boundaries:

total: 6,221 km
border countries:  Kazakhstan 2,203 km, Kyrgyzstan 1,099 km, Tajikistan 1,161 km, Afghanistan 137 km, Turkmenistan 1,621 km


0 km. 
note: Uzbekistan includes the southern portion of the Aral Sea with a 420 km shoreline.

Maritime claims:

None. Uzbekistan is one of only two countries (Liechtenstein) in the world that are doubly landlocked.

Elevation extremes:

lowest point: Sariqarnish Kuli -12 m (-39 ft) below sea level.
highest point: Khazret Sultan, 4,643 metres (15,233 ft)