Nadir Divanbegi Madrasah

Nadir Divanbegi Madrasah in Bukhara

Nadir Divanbegi Madrasah in Bukhara is a part of the architectural complex located round Lyabi Khauz. Nadir Divanbegi Madrasah were named after vizier Nadir by whose order it was constructed. Vizier Nadir served at a court yard of  Imamkulikhan, one the strongest and powerful representatives of Ashtarkhanid dynasty, who ruled in Bukhara in 1611-1642. In 1993, the Nodir Devonbegi Madrassa was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nadir Divan-begi Madrasah 5 Nadir Divan-begi Madrasah 4 Nadir Divan-begi Madrasah3