Kunya Ark Citadel

Kunya Ark Citadel in Khiva

The Kunya Ark Citadel built the Itchan Kala Fortress from 1686-1688 on the ruins of earlier buildings. In 1920, before the Khiva Khan by the Bolsheviks, Kunya Ark was one of the Khan's residences. The fortress of Kunya Ark consists of the Khan's office, reception hall, harem, mosque, mint and outbuildings.

The summer mosque is from the 19th century is decorated with white and blue floral patterned tiles, with a red, orange and gold roof. The outdoor throne room built in 1816 maintains a space that according to tradition is dedicated to the yurt.  

Kunya Ark means "Old Fortress". Only a few buildings have survived to the present day:

- Residence Ak Sheikh Bobo;
- Kurinishkhona room for receiving people;
- Summer and winter mosque;
- Mint;
- Gates in compliance with the rules of protection.

Kunya Ark 1 Kunya Ark 2 Kunya Ark 3