Tash Khovli Palace

Tash Khovli Palace in Khiva

The Palace Tash Khovli was built on the orders of Allakulikhan, which began in 1830 and ended in 1838. Tash Khovli Palace consists of three yards has rectangular plan, in the southern part are the receiving yard, Arz Khovli, and a yard for entertainment, Ishrat Khovli. The northern part is occupied by a harem. Labyrinths of corridors join the yards and buildings. The brothers and relatives of the khan lived in the palace. The two gates face the west and south. All the constructions were built from the high quality bricks. The fencing walls of the palace end up with figured cogs. From the flatness of the wall, the high well-portioned towers stand out.

The name Tash Khovli with the translation means "Stone Yard", which proves its difference from the mud houses of that time. The total area of the palace is 6400 square meters with 150 rooms.

For 8 years, the Tash Khovli Palace was built in three stages:

  1. Residential area for the harem;
  2. Mehmonhona - a place for guests and official receptions;
  3. Arzhona - courtroom.
Tash-Khovli 1 Tash-Khovli 2 Tash-Khovli 3