Siab Bazaar

Siab Bazaar in Samarkand

Siab Bazaar in Samarkand is the largest bazaar of the city and is considered one of the largest in Central Asia. The area of ​​which is more than 7 hectares. Siab Bazaar is considered one of the oldest markets in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The name of the Siab Bazaar comes from the name of one of the historical districts of the city and the Siab River that flows near the bazaar, which means “Black Water” in Tajik.

The bazaar is located in the central part of the city, one kilometer north of Registan Square. Near the entrance from the south side to the Siab bazaar there is a mosque and the mausoleum of Bibi-Khanum. The ensemble of the mausoleums of Shahi Zinda and the Hazrati Khizr mosque are located 500 meters east of the bazaar. Due to its convenient location in the midst of attractions, Siab Bazaar is considered the most visited tourist destination in the city.

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