The Mosque Hazrat Hyzr

The Mosque Hazrat Hyzr in Samarkand

One of the architectural, ancient monuments and holy places of our city is Mosque of Khazrati Khizr. It is the first Muslim mosque of Samarkand. If you look around from the veranda, you can see a view which joined with horizon.

Our people convictions always were very high to Hazrati Hyzr. That’s way repairing works were continued regularly. The number of visitors Khazrati Khizr was not be lower even in XVII century of expensiveness and poorness time in Samarkand. Once time the sightseeing of Khoja Doniyor, Kusam ibn Abbos and Hazrati Hyzr had been one assemble. Entering to the mosque 1854 year is shown on the marble stone is account that the date of reconstruction.

From porch veranda be entered to interior chamber. Khanakah (room) is square and there are khujra (small room) in two side of it and mihrab (niche in a mosque in Mecca) above on the wall of west. Veranda reconstructed in 1899. It is supposed that western entrance is also built in that year.  "1917 year" was written on the gate indicated that the reconstruction time of the entrance and minaret. Amazing pattern of works of native masters who worked by leader master Abulkodir Bokiyev at the end of XIX and early XX century in mosque of Hazrati Hyzr. During the independence years mosque of Hazrati Hyzr reconstructed three times completely by initiative of our President Islam Karimov. Minara, entrance room, terrace, khonokoh was reconstructed and two sided stairs and takharatkhona (ritual washing room before player in Islam) were built.

Pedestal and garden were created around the mosque. Arsis well which situated next to mosque was cleaned and returned into old condition stairs which up to the mosque, stone walls which surrounded around the mosque, pedestal behind the mosque subterranean construction gutter which flow rain water and providing with electricity were repaired completely and cupola was returned original position.

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