Kok Gumbaz Mosque

Kok Gumbaz Mosque in Shakhrisabz

The Kok Gumbaz Mosque in Shakhrisabz is part of the Dorut Tilovat memorial complex. Kok Gumbaz is considered to be the largest Friday mosque built in the 15th century. The mosque is decorated with a large dome, covered with blue ceramic tiles from which comes the name of the mosque Kok Gumbaz in translation meaning "Blue Dome".

The Kok Gumbaz mosque has been the main mosque of Shakhrisabz for a couple of centuries. To the east of the mosque during the reign of Ulugbek, a cemetery has been preserved to the present day, where notables from the Barlas family have been buried, to which Temurids belonged. On the tombstones you can see the names of military leaders who participated in the military campaigns of Shahrukh and Ulugbek.

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