Hast Imam Complex

Hast Imam - Religious center of Tashkent

Hast Imam (Khazrati Imom, Khazrat Imam, Hast Imam, Khast Imom, Hast Imom) is located in the old town of Tashkent. Hast Imam is a cultic architectural complex and the religious center of Tashkent where the world famous Quran of Caliph Uthman has been preserved. Khast Imam complex consists of Barakkhan Madrasah, Tilla Sheikh Mosque, Muyi Muborak Madrasah, Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum, Namazgoh Mosque, New Khazrati Imam Mosque and the muftiate building. The ensemble was built near the tomb of the imam of the city of Tashkent, an expert on the Koran and Hadith, one of the first preachers of Islam in Tashkent. The full name of the poet and artisan Hazrati Imam is Abu Bakr ibn Ismail al-Qaffal ash-Shoshiy. According to historical data, he was also a master in the manufacture of locks and keys for which he earned the nickname Kaffal, which means Zamochnik, owned 72 languages ​​and translated the Old Testament (Torah) into Arabic.

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