Barakkhan Madrasah

Barakkhan Madrasah - Hast Imam in Tashkent

The Madrasah of Barakkhan was formed in 15th-16th centuries out of edifices, which occurred at different times. The initial body was a mausoleum east of the actual complex. The second element was two-cupola Mausoleum-Khanaka, of Tashkent's ruler Soyunidj Khan Shaybani, 1530. In the middle of 16th century the complex was rearranged into madrasah. The complex was named after of that time's ruler, Nauruz Ahmed, nicknamed, Barakkhan. The entrance portal to the Madrasah of Barakhan isn't characteristic for Tashkent in way of its decoration. Its bay is topped with a vault "colab-cory"; tympanum and pylons are decorated with carved bricks and various mosaics. The name of the master who restored colab-cory in 1955-63 is Usta Shirin Muradov. The madrasah proportions: outward: 73x44 m., courtyard: 33x27,5 m.

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